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22 May 2010 / 10:18 PM

It's really hard to decide when you're already tired of holding on, yet you're too in love to let go.  Like he doesn't appreciate all that I do. He gotta show me that he also want me to stay... Oh Highness, give me the  right decision to make everything right at this moment so that no heart will break anymore  :(


29 September 2009 / 10:39 PM

BEST BUY. Sunday @ 8:05 PM. I got my brand new second laptop and this one is a little bit smaller than the first one. What I hoped for for a very long time is to own a Sony Vaio--here it is! I can't believe that this pretty precious little thing is in my hands. This is one of my hot wish list and surely does, the majority hopes for this.

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Sony Vaio is excellent in terms of style, memory capacity, music, display, keypad and friendly-user especially for students. Features that I love include:
  • One touch web access without booting up
  • 3 USB ports
  • Core 2 DUO
  • 4 GB installed RAM
  • 1 TV/HD monitor port
  • Pro/SD memory card slot
  • Plays back Blu-ray disc
  • Wi-Fi
  • Texture of the TouchPad
  • Bluetooth
  • Loud Speakers
  • Handy
  • Sticky notes & other tools perfect for students
  • 100% recommended according to its reviews
Basically, you get what you have paid for. It is totally perfect for me. This is my buddy through out my course because I always bring it with me everywhere I go to do clinical papers and such--I just have not decided what name fits this gem. As of now, and  hopefully forever, I won't have any problem when it comes to its performance.

Effective Thinking, I think
23 September 2009 / 9:02 PM

Don't leave! You're still on the right page! Indeed I changed my layout, again. This is the day, the opportunity I got from one day out of school. I  took the whole day as a free day and forgot the tasks I've planned to do. By that I mean: stack of books to read on my desk, fail organized time management in my planner, and note to myself, "only two hours in the computer!" But yeah, until now I'm still on the computer. You understand why right? I'm a teenager, like you (if you are)! Teehee.  So because there's nothing much to do in the morning, I made a layout for this month and onwards. Hopefully this will last a year to change [if not bored of it]. I love this one better than the other one--more tweaks and additional.
                                                     Former                               *Current*

Yesterday I had my chest x-ray. I was quite nervous about hearing some humors that I have to take off my clothes--bare naked in front of radiology people. I had to make sure because for me, it's like invasion of privacy but I found out I will have to cover my body with a gown. Relief. The guy asked me if I'm comfortable, him being inside with us and I said no. A minute later, he went back inside and assisted me at the machine. What's the matter with this guy?! I did say no to him. Did you know I can sue him for that? But it's okay because I'm not totally naked after all. Hmm. I know what you're thinking: the picture right? For your information that's an example of a perfect chest x-ray: normal heart size and, clear and well expanded lungs. If I am wrong, I'm sorry if I judged you. Happy Smileys

The result reads:
No acute cardiopulmonary disease. No radiographic evidence of active tuberculosis.
--which means I'm not sick.Indifferent Smileys

     Previous Monday, I had pain on my right shoulder due to carrying heavy books for three weeks. I did not pay attention at first but I thought of what my professor told me, "Which one would you choose: fractured shoulder or the stroller bag?" Silence then we smiled. Seriously, I'd rather have that lame stroller bag, which most of my classmates have it, than end up with an immobile shoulder. I was just thinking how much I teased people owning those back in high school and college that they look funny-looking-kids-wanna-be. Haha. Now, I am going to be one, I guess, because I WILL BUY A STROLLER BAG! Man, these books are surely heavier than me.MSN Smileys

     Tuesday, this week, we had our first major exam for the hardest class. I spent more or less four hardcore days to prepare, read, and answer the study guides. I hope and pray to get an A grade. On the other hand, a passing grade is enough and accepted. This week and the upcoming ones will be hectic for studying, not to mention the individual and group projects due. Hay yay yaay.Happy Smileys

A Quick Lam
10 July 2009 / 12:48 PM

After my class, my friend and I, went to several place to complete all the necessary requirements that I need to get a clearance for the nursing program. I went to a car wash because my car looks like driven in a mud hell after the rain. Then looking at the gas level, it's almost empty, so I went to a gas station. We decided to eat at Mcdonalds but there are lot of cars so we ended up eating at Whataburger, serving good foods too.

2nd stop. Alcohol and Drug Screening Test. There's this hunk guy who assisted me. So I was a little bit shy to give a canister full of my urine to him. Anyway, this place is different from other places I've been before for urine test. They disabled the faucet, and there's no paper towel on the wall; just the bowl and a tissue to wipe your tooot ihikhik. You don't want to flush the toilet because the test will be invalid. I won't exactly tell you what steps I did inside but it's kinda neat. Haha. I was nervous when I saw my pee, very yellow! So I went outside and found him standing and I told him, "I think I drank too much tea!" We just LOLed. (that's because I remember I didn't drink water before that)That was nervewrecking. For real! Lame!

3rd stop.
Barkada Joyride. Later that afternoon, I went out with my friends and my parents don't know about this. We drove in one car and the girls got the back seat. We're very vain, what would you expect when girls get together, right?. Photobucket. Going to a place an hour away from our city just to buy a fish pet is crazy. Kuya, my friend, celebrated his birthday and I haven't bought him his request gift. Right there and then I bought the $35 fish. At first thought, wow it's like a stone fish; it doesn't move at all. But when the guy started catching him, the fish is giving us a very bad attitude.

There are other things happened there, like my other friend scared me from my back. I thought it was an aggressive dog! haha. Then there's this African cat, WILD cat, the man said. So I dared myself to touch the tail but my fear caught me and so I didn't bother coz that cat is giving me that sharp look. Meow. haha.

All that done, we went to the mall. I've never been to that mall and it's quite empty--a very sad place. It's a big mall, bigger than the mall we have at our place. Girls hang out was Forever21. We never really bought something instead we took pictures on the accessories corner. I think we've made scenes there because of all the flashes, people were looking. Whew. When everyone was starving, we decided to eat at the food court. Usually they don't give free taste right? But those guys who served us, let us try some of their menu. Then uh-oh my dad called asking me where I'm at then I started getting nervous then I started lying that I'm with a study group. LOL. who would be in a study group on the first day of class? Haha. Then I was bombarded with different questions and I was thinking of intellegent answers. I sighed when I hanged up, then my friends told me, "Di bagay sayo mong magsinungaling." Then I felt the guilt talaga. I don't really like when I lie to my parents. Worst, I don't like it when I lie to everybody. That's the way I was brought up but there are times that I have to white lie. I know, it's still a lie but yeah leave me alone. haha

PhotobucketOh shoot, my ex came in. I must go. I'm at school by the way. Photobucket
Note: Pictures are uploaded on my Facebook account.

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Featured: It's GENIUS!
26 June 2009 / 1:15 PM

Title: It's GENIus, get it? ohhaa.
If you have a friend, you SHOULD know their bio's right? Well, I'm clueless but still I regard this guy as my friend. ;]
It's been 26 days since the first conversation we had at Ftalk Cbox. Recently, we argued on whether we started conversing the first or second day of June, as we have different time zones. First thing, boys, you don't debate with girls because we're the only one's who truly remember when it comes to anniversary dates, monthsary dates and especially friendship dates. Right girls? ;) So I'm featuring him in my blog just to surprise Mgee before the 1st month of friendship ticks.--(To Mgee, pretend you're surprised. AHAHA)

TomorrowIsNotForUs. LOL :D

To give you an overview about this GENIus guy, I'll give you short information that I compiled over the days we've chatted. So, ehem

1. His first name is Genesis ____. He told me he's 20. And now, he's telling me he's 19. Which is which? IDK.
2. He's a Senior in I-D-K-what college. He's majoring in BSCpE, am I right? We had a large discussion about this as I had a question what's its meaning.
3. He lives in Philippines; where exactly? IDK. Probably I should ask him.
4. By the way, he's the only child. He desires a little sister if given the chance. I presented myself to him. Then he told me he doesn't want a sister his age! Not even, I think he's older than me, ONE YEAR. LOL.
5. He's the Vice-President of his club department and soon be acting-President on late months of '09. Congrats! Whoo! 'Em proud. :)
6. He's good at designing shirts and stuff; I think any web designing--he's pro at that. He showed me some of his works but he gives rants on how ugly it is when printed on the shirt. LOL.
7. He's a coffee addict because he stays up so late to wait on movie downloads especially the movie "17 again" starring Zac Efron (because he likes him,shhh!) -- Kidding! LOL.
8. This is totally random, but I think he loves the Suggestions and Feedbacks in Ftalk. He wants to post really long ones so I guess he's suit there.
9. He has 5 blogs, he said. 2 of those I know--blogs that he doesn't advertise until all are grammatically examined, i mean PURRfect. So you know, he's a perfectionist ;)
10. He's Pogi and Cute; Good and Angel; but he opposed it when I told him I'm torn thinking if he's Bad or Evil. LOL.

11. This I sort of seen in the forum that he dated a stranger once at the mall. You read it right. So if you want a date, nag him and don't worry he'll pay for it because he said he's a gentleman. LOL.
12. He's very smart in a way you don't understand the essence of his point along the way, SOMETIMES. Like calculating the percentages of *something without any valid test, just his mind. You see how weird and nerdy that is. LOL. But really, he's a smart guy -- AGREE.
13. He's also very good at telling me "Wait" often when we're chatting like:
Mgee: "w8 lang ha
Me: bakit?
Mgee: "eh.. blah blah
Me: ah okk
Mgee: "hehe
teka lang
A day won't pass without seeing that word in chat; I think because it's stuck on his mind.

14. He knows how to respond. Something like this:
Q: If you have a friend told you that you're boring, what would you say?
Mgee's response: Tell her "It's okay, I'm still cute." Then if she replies back, don't reply. -- This kind of advice. LOL. It keeps me laughing.

15. Mgee is very thoughtful and a loving friend. I don't know but he knows it when something wrong's with me. He uses emoticons to let me know what he feels, sometimes. One time, he used "hug" emoticon, flooded of those in YM or spammed, so you can't even see my replies between those megazillion of hug emoticons. LOL.

He's pasaway, prolly because I'm also acting as one. I don't remember any serious conversation we had. (Mgee, do we have one?) We always LOLed--Lolengs. We trip, we roll, and we own so much things. We played games and talk about things that serves as like "the highlight of my day." Yeah, that's right.

Some days, he's the reason I'm too happy. He's one of the people: who makes me happy: who takes away my boredom when I chill at home: who saves me from any worries I have, who cheers me up when I get bored or sad suddenly: who... wala na, naubusan na ko. LOL. I'm looking forward to be his Best Friend. Now I remember we had one serious conversation. I've had guy best friends before but all of those failed. Some of those I had relationship with but it failed; some, we had the biggest tampuhan and we never got back. So I guess I suck here. I've lived all my life having girl bestfriends, so I guess that's the reason a guy can never be my best friend. But Mgee assured me this.

I really hope I've found a friend in him. This is for you Mgeee! (uyy, kapitan mo ha )

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It's like the whole week
24 June 2009 / 10:28 PM

This is not boring.

Since Sunday afternoon, you would not imagine how much agony I sustained from the villain monsters: Mr. COLDSt, Ms. COUGHling, Mr. BODY SOREll, FErVERt and Ms. DIZZYbog. I wondered why would they attack such innocent young lady here when all I did was to sleep early starting three days before the occurrence, be a bacteriaphobic-ish and be a stay-away-from-me-sick type of girl. Bad things happen to good people, as they say and thats what exactly happened. Until Tuesday, those Big Monsters are still fighting to victory and I'm like almost punched in and out, totally.
I suspected that these symptoms lead to only one diagnosis--(h191 virus, ssshh) . Internet search for symptoms were colds, cough, body ache, fever...and significant number of victims had vomiting and diarrhea. 4 out of 6. I startled and panicked at such information. I started thinking to whom I talked to or been with. So to stop freaking out, I called for a doctor's appointment. 2-5:00 PM is a walk-in, good. Unwell, I drove 20 minutes to the clinic with my sister, as she had the same symptoms. Very horrible coincidence just in case my derivation is right, I thought.

At the waiting room: we're like playing cool and all, laughing and criticizing people we see "different." . I didn't start it. Haha. And we even took pictures. HA! Hey, what could we do for 2 hours and 10 minutes waiting right? :)

Then the time came,
Doctor: So what do you feel?
Me: Umm, I've been having colds, cough, headace, dizziness, slight fever, and body ache.
Doctor: Ah, but have you vomited or experienced diarrhea?
Me: (Exactly, what I expected her to ask.) None of those.

---ear check, mouth check, breathing check, nose check---
Doctor: So we'll draw a blood from you so we can check if you have a flu.
Me: (Err) Take a blood? . Okaayyy.

Proof, eh?

So I was the bold one who took the blood test because my sister is scared of needles. I'm a little more heroic about that. I took the courage to take it instead us two since we both have same sickness. We both did the flu test though.

Back to the room & Waiting:
The doctor caught us playing cards. She smiled; she thinks it's funny that we turned one of her rooms to casino. Haha. The moment of truth. Yeah oh, well. I actually did the cross-fingers.

Doctor: Based on the blood test, you... (she paused) -- (she knows how to suspense patients, huh)both of you don't have the flu--just a bacterial infection.
Me: Yay. (I did yayed) LOL.

In my mind, I was like, "Thanks for contaminating us, Jay (my bro). As he also had bacterial infection last week. And we're with him with the same doctor for his check-up. Hawa-Hawa lang kami. Errr.

Next stop: Burger King
My sister and I are hungry so we decided not to go home, yet. It's basically a reward for no-parents-at-doctor's-appointment. LOL. And of course, we took pictures.

Okay, we find it weird, having transformers everywhere in the place. I remember, yeah, it's now showing--Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen . Maybe I could watch it for myself with some of my friends. Have you watched it? I really loved the first movie of Transformers, which I do not remember much now.

Another thing we've discovered is that most of the time, people go to fastfood resto's only to use the restroom. We found it very rude but also funny. As soon as they walk in, they hurry directly to the Pee room and then come back out fast. Like the speed of light. Kidding. They're gone so fast probably to hide humiliation. Then there was this couple, I think they're married. Why I know so? Because if they're not, then the guy should've opened the door for the girl. But no, he went in and left the door closed in front of the girl. I found that funny too.

Another picture before we left:

We're not that bored actually you know, we just had to find some silence within ourselves. Haha

Man, are you bored or what? It's just that there are too many things that happened today. So when we got home, we picked up our Financier, our dad, to buy our prescribed medicines. Driving... dun du run dun. We went straight to the pharmacy inside the grocery store. We bought what we needed. It was so much fun. Our cart is so hilarious. My sister took the video while I pushed the cart. We were laughing the whole time and we caught others attention; some started laughing and some probably thought, "What the heck's wrong with these Asians?!"

If you don't know what's happening, well normally, the wheels in front are supposed to be aligned straight when pushed right? But ours was something like an embodied crazy spirit, wriggling by itself. LOL.

Then 30 minutes had passed. We went back to the pharmacy to get our meds. Whew. We had a problem on our birth dates. Well, we are all covered from our mom's medical insurance right. So she was the one who filled out all the necessary information about us. What we've found out is that, she put the wrong birth dates for me and my sister. Can you believe that? Haha.

My birthday is actually 04/13/1990. Then the pharmacist mispelled my name. Who's Azalian anyway? I'm Azaliah! I even saw her wrote my name, man. Something's wrong with people that day.

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Who am I?
16 June 2009 / 7:45 PM

I am weak, but I am strong.
I have been hiding for so long.
I am honest, yet I lie.
I'm not perfect, but I'm still great.
I make mistakes, but clean it up.
I am afraid, though I don't know why.
I am foolish, but I am wise.
I am paranoid, but I am clearheaded,
These are the days to dread the dreaded.
I am sweet, but I can be a witch.
People say I'm intelligent, but I don't believe;
I'm only intelligent enough to deceive.
I wish I could borrow others eyes to judge me.
I haven't altered much since I was a child.
My temperament's never been considered very mild.
I am exhausted outside and inside.
I'd do just about anything to be rested again.
I've had many dreams, not many have come true.
But the problem has been me not doing what I need to do.

Get in my way if you dare, it won't matter
I can bend you to my will, use you as I wish
Then toss you aside and move on.

PS: Seriously, the last three lines are queer.
I suppose that idea to twist things up a little bit. :)

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